Should the Church Have A Heart For Israel? | Part 3

Should the Church Have A Heart For Israel? | Part 3

 A Heart for Israel Prays for Israel by Rev. Jerry Marcellino with Yochanan Ben Yehuda

Rom 10:1: Brethren, my heart’s desire and my prayer to God for them is for their salvation.

Dear friend, quite possibly you have been wondering after reading this booklet whether the Jews need the Church to specifically have a heart for their salvation. Some readers may be thinking, if the salvation of Israel is so certain, why then is a “heart for Israel” needed? Since their future salvation is going to happen anyhow, why pray? The reason behind such concerns is that Israel will not be saved apart from our prayers (Eph 6:19; Col 4:3; 2 Thess 3:1-2) and our witness (Acts 8:1,4; Rom 10:17). God has so ordained that He works through human means to accomplish His purposes (Eph 1:11). Thus, let us begin to aim for the salvation of Israel through our prayers, by praying for:

The body of believers throughout the land of Israel

• Their congregations and leaders
• The doctrinal purity and maturity of these congregations
• Unity within and among the evangelical congregations
• The protection of persecuted believers in Israel
• (including Arab Christians).

God’s wisdom in the Israeli government
• The Prime Minister
• The Knesset
• The Israeli Defense Force (IDF)
• Concerning the Israeli/Arab peace process

The salvation of Israel including:
• Secular Jews
• Religious Jews
• Ultra-Orthodox Jews
• New immigrants including Russians, Eastern Europeans, Ethiopians, etc.
• Jews throughout the world (the Diaspora)

And let us also remember to pray against the attacks of the enemy through:
• Persecution of believers by fanatical anti-missionary groups
• The secularization of Israel
• Rampant atheism
• Widespread abortion
• Occult practices
• Idolatrous lives
• Fanatical terrorist attacks
• The frequent warfare in the Middle East