Do you have a heart for Israel?

About HFI

Heart for Israel Ministries has been educating the Church on God's heart for Israel for 20 years
We are called to pray for, bless, and stand with Israel.

1. Our Mission and calling is to educate the Church, the Nations, and Christians everywhere about God’s heart and purposes for Israel.

HFI provides music, booklets, video, and other online resources that help answer one very important question, "Why should the world have a heart for Israel?"

HFI is committed to cultivating God’s heart for Israel in the lives of all peoples and nations through biblical education, the HFI website, newsletters, articles, teaching, conferences, Messianic praise & worship, etc.

2. HFI is here to fight against the rising tide of anti-Semitism in our world today. We must not remain silent any longer!

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